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Tube Side
Cassette/Grid Loading
Cassette/Grid Loading
Cassette/Grid Loading
Cassette/Grid Loading
Handles on long and short axis
Spring-loaded slots and curved corners

24×30 With Handles PAG

The 24×30 with Handles Protect-A-Grid® grid encasement is an all enclosed polycarbonate fabrication designed to reduce the chance of incidental grid damage from atypical handling. With sleek curved corners, the Protect-A-Grid can easily slide under patients and/or stand upright for cross-table examinations. The with Handles style features handles on both the long and short axis of the grid. This allows better leverage and improved ergonomics. It also features superior structural integrity with reinforced sides to prevent any damage to the x-ray grid.

All Protect-A-Grids must be ordered with a grid. Please select the appropriate grid or contact Reina Imaging for assistance.

Product Advantages

  • Handles on short and long axis of grid
  • Durable
  • Smooth non-porous surface
  • Curved corners
  • Works with all 24x30 film and CR cassettes